December 2nd, 2010Posted by admin

This is SOS 4 PCS , offering the latest and quickest solutions to the greatest of PC problems. Let SOS4PCS support you into obtaining the simpliest solution for your unique problem. SOS 4 PCS offers latest fixes, guides, technical know how to resolve any problem faced by you. Remove the stubbon malware and spyware hampering [...]

Removal of Win 7 Home Security

April 20th, 2011Posted by admin

A new malware instance is circulating the world right now. The program Win 7 Home Security, stops your internet browsing, pops up and says your “INFECTED”. Another false positive program and apparently your infected up to your eyes. It is Fake, so dont panic. Easily removed via these intructions. Win 7 Home Security 2011 removal [...]

Forgot Your MAC Administrator Login?

April 6th, 2011Posted by admin

Panic Stations. We have a mac, which wouldnt log in the domain at all. Noone could remember the administrator login for the mac. If this was like Windows, the Password removal tool would be whipped out, but its a mac, which i had little knowledge how to reset the administrator password for. Luckly for me, [...]

Clean those TEMP files

January 24th, 2011Posted by admin

Clean away all your worries with this simple tool. Temp files build up in a number of locations on computers. Especially after a malware infection, or removal. Most of them are in the temporary internet and outlook folders (OLK)  within the temporary internet folder. Windows 7 /Vista - C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\ These can build up sometimes [...]

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Updates WFBS

January 19th, 2011Posted by admin

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security – Trend Micro WFBS Looking around Trend Micro’s website for the updates for products isnt the best. So here are the links to each product which is provided – Perfect for the updates WFBS needs. Click Each link then select PRODUCT PATCH. All versions listed here are for Windows. [...]

Revive your Draytek Router

January 10th, 2011Posted by admin

Have you ever launched into a firmware upgrade, and then it not taken, or an unexpected user unplugs it half way though. * Hears cries* I reckon everyone has messed up at least one FW upgrade, and thus has to enter recovery mode for it. iPhones are pretty much useful in this mode, as are [...]

Taking the Fight to Malware

December 2nd, 2010Posted by admin

Malware is the hatrid of all computer technicans and users combined. They manage to ingeniously hijack innocent adverts or full websites in different types of malware and spyware. Most malware is removable with-out “buying” programs to rectify the problem. The Guide will provide ways to remove and prevent malware from infecting your pc badly. Remember [...]